Christmas carolers

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Royalty Free Images

A family of four old-fashioned caroling figurines under a wreath-adorned light post:
Caroling Figurines
© Photographer: Mcininch | Agency:

Vector christmas scene with two birds sitting on a picket fence, one bird flying with a candy cane, and a bird singing christmas carols:
Christmas birds
© Photographer: Nlrsox | Agency:

Christmas carol singer decorations made from wood, wicker and straw:
Carol Singers with Sheet Music
© Photographer: Roughcollie | Agency:

Carolers singing Christmas songs:
© Photographer: Surisuri | Agency:

Three angels singing Christmas carols:
Christmas carols
© Photographer: Pushkin | Agency:

Cute caroling critters:
Christmas carolers
© Photographer: Mikoo | Agency:

Happy snowman singing christmas carols and playing guitar:
Christmas carol
© Photographer: Elakwasniewski | Agency: