Christmas girl, seamless pattern, card background, christmas market, christmas store window

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Cute smiling little girl wearing christmas cap:
Girl touching her christmas cap
© Photographer: Fisechko | Agency:

Background with fir tree branches and lights:
Fir branches
© Photographer: Katerinamk | Agency:

Christmas seamless pattern with balls, deer, Santa, elf, deer,bell, tree and presents:
Christmas seamless pattern
© Photographer: Sivanova | Agency:

Editorial image: ETTAL, BAVARIA, GERMANY - DECEMBER 4: The traditional annual christmas market with illuminated shops at night in famous 700 years old benedictine abbey Ettal, nearby city Oberammergau and Garmisch, December 4, 2010 in Ettal, Germany:
Christmas market
© Photographer: Filmfoto | Agency:

Christmas card background:
Christmas card
© Photographer: Evarin20 | Agency:

Editorial image: A department store Christmas lights in Montreal,Quebec (Canada):
Gift christmas Shop.
© Photographer: Moustyk | Agency: