Seamless Christmas patterns (wallpapers, backgrounds, prints, swatches, repeat patterns) 2

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Royalty Free Images

Christmas or New Year Santa Claus seamless or repeat pattern:
Vector santa seamless
© Photographer: Andart | Agency:

Seamless (easy to repeat) white and blue Christmas, winter or New Year swirly pattern (background, wallpaper):
Christmas seamless background
© Photographer: Ratselmeister | Agency:

Red festive poinsettias on cream-colored stripes, seamless pattern:
Red Poinsettia Seamless Tile
© Photographer: Livestock | Agency:

Set of nine Christmas background patterns:
Nine Christmas Colored Patterns
© Photographer: Cdukes | Agency:

Seamless striped Christmas or winter wallpaper, repeat pattern, background:
Seamless striped christmas border
© Photographer: Olgadrozd | Agency:

Christmas seamless pattern with pine cones:
Christmas seamless pattern
© Photographer: Tanais-tanais | Agency:

Christmas seamless pattern with deers:
Christmas seamless pattern
© Photographer: Sivanova | Agency:

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