Christmas gifts giving and receiving

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Child with her christmas gift - Labrador Retriever puppy at home:
Christmas gift
© Photographer: Juliasha | Agency:

Portrait of a smiling young woman dressed for Christmas and giving a gift:
Smiling young christmas woman giving a gift
© Photographer: Yuri_arcurs | Agency:

"A gift for you!" - beautiful wife giving her husband a christmas gift:
A gift for you!!
© Photographer: Smilla | Agency:

8-year-old boy presenting a heart shaped box of chocolates and a bouquet of roses, wearing a suite and red bowtie, isolated on white background:
Valentine boy
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The magic of christmas - opening the presents:
The magic of christmas
© Photographer: Ilona75 | Agency:

Real Santa opening a giftbox:
Santa Opening Box
© Photographer: Myshotz | Agency:

"My gift" - wreath, stockings, fireplace, child with giftbox:
My Christmas gift
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