Antique, vintage, victorian and old-fashioned Christmas

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Box with antique baubles:
Box with antiquarian new year's toys
© Photographer: Mirabellart | Agency:

Santa Claus isolated on white:
Santa Claus Isolated on White
© Photographer: Mitgirl | Agency:

Christmas decorations in a Victorian style living room. Antique furniture, Christmas tree decorated with ornaments, presents under the tree, windows, drapes, curtains, lit lamps, chairs, hooked rug and a table draped with linen and topped with photographs.
Christmas decorations - Victorian living room
© Photographer: Lostarts | Agency:

A brightly lit and decorated porch on an old Victorian-Era home at Christmas in Cape May, New Jersey:
Christmas Lights on the Porch
© Photographer: Kcphotos | Agency:

"Merry Christmas!" red decorated greeting text from old Christmas poster:
Old Christmas poster ragged.
© Photographer: Moustyk | Agency:

Santa Claus with wish list, old parchment:
Christmas Wish List on old parchment
© Photographer: Irisangel | Agency:

Postmarked 1904 vintage postcard:
Antique postcard christmas
© Photographer: Bebebailey | Agency: