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Author: Kimberly Quang

Few things can be more frustrating than Christmas lights. Bulbs short out, wires fray and tangle, plugs bend and break. And even once these problems are straightened out, mounting the bulbs into orderly rows can be a challenge all its own!

Don't fret! If you are looking for hard-to-find replacement Christmas light bulbs or related accessories, from bulbs to mounting clips, timers and power strips, the full online selection of Christmas light accessory products can help you overcome all of the obstacles that might stand in the way of your holiday decorating visions.

Replacement Christmas Light Bulbs.

C7 and C9 light bulbs are the most commonly used light bulb for Christmas applications such as string or rope lighting. Ranging between 5 and 7 watts, these energy-efficient bulbs may be either transparent or double-dipped in special coatings that give them bright colors when lit. "Twinkle" Christmas bulbs and ceramic Christmas light bulbs are also available in C7 and C9 sizes.

If you are using heavy duty Christmas light string, we have a range of long life bulb options appropriate to this as well. The intermediate base, medium base and candelabra base bulbs from American lighting are built to last-rated at 8000 hours each!

Christmas Light Bulb Brackets & Mounting Clips.

As Christmas nears along with its accompanying decorating challenges, you might begin thinking about how you are going to display your string lights. Don't give into the temptation to rely upon nails or other quick fixes to mount each Christmas light bulb on the string. Nails or tacks give you little control over the direction of the bulb, and can result in an unsightly mess.

There are a few different types of mounting clips for C7 & C9 Christmas light bulbs, which come in packs of 100. It is a good idea to look carefully at the different brackets available, and consider which would be the best option for your given application. C9 or C7 Christmas light bulbs can be mounted with two screws using a regular shingle tab, which also comes in horizontal or 90 degree varieties. A stake mounting bracket can be used to string lights along the perimeter of your yard or garden. A regular mini light clip is also available.

Other Christmas Light Bulb Replacement Products.

Other Christmas light bulb replacement products are also available. Should you lose or damage a C7 or C9 socket, a plug/adapter F-socket or M-plug, or even the electrical wire itself, there are always replacement products here. Essentially there is everything you need to build Christmas string lights from scratch!

If you have a faulty Christmas string light, and do not know what is causing the problem, our Mini Light tester can identify faults in the light bulbs and/or electrical wire. Other useful accessories include an outdoor timer with a photocell that automatically activates at dusk, an outdoor power stake with three outlets, blackout caps for empty C9 or C7 Christmas light bulb sockets, as well as an end cap for spliced ends. It is a good idea to look carefully at the different brackets available, and consider which would be the best option for your given application

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